Content for Discussion Groups

Updated 28th May 2021

This page contains content ideas for EA discussion groups. Also check out these tips on how to run discussion groups.



Articles with pre-prepared questions or worksheets

  • EA Fellowship curricula have a carefully curated list of readings with sample questions. If your group is not running a fellowship you can adapt this content to suit standalone discussion events. Most fellowships require a couple of hours of reading per week so you might want to choose a subset of that week’s reading unless your group has plenty of time to read between meetups.
  • South Bay EA has an extensive set of worksheets that cover many EA related topics. Each topic has reading suggestions and a worksheet with discussion questions.

Other good sources for articles


CEA’s YouTube channel has recordings of EA Global and EAGx talks. Many of these talks are less than 30 minutes long if you don’t include the Q+A sections, so they can be played at the start of a meetup. This is a great option if your group members often don’t have the time to read much between meetups.

Some of the 2020 EA Student Summit talks are particularly well suited to people newer to EA.

Some videos that groups have tried and found worked well:

You can also find a long list of EA video sources on this Forum post.


Book clubs usually last for several weeks, with participants reading a chapter or two each week. CEA is able to provide funding to purchase books.

Some books that groups have used in reading groups:

These final two are more technical than the rest of the list:

Before choosing a book, check out a review or two and scan through the book to gauge the level, then advertise your book club accordingly.


  • The 80,000 Hours podcast is a great source of interesting EA related discussions. Note that many are very long, so you might want to let your group know the sections that you think are the most important, so time-poor members can listen to the essential parts.
  • Learn Effective Altruism is a selection of ten 80,000 Hours podcast episodes selected to help listeners quickly get up to speed on effective altruism from a longtermist perspective.
  • Also check out this long list of EA-related podcasts

Lists of possible content

Want more content? The Collections and Resources tag on the EA Forum has numerous posts sharing lists of recommended articles, videos and books that cover a variety of EA related topics.

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