Published 24th September 2019

These pages contain links to numerous resources that may be useful for groups. While some resources are able to be printed or used online as is, most will require editing using Gravit which is a free graphics package that can be used in your web browser.

The EA Hub Resources team chose to make our files in Gravit as the free version has many excellent features, and it is easier to use than many other similar apps. This means that group organisers can make, share, and modify resources freely.

More editable graphics will be added over time. Please contact us if you have existing graphics to share or requests for graphics.

How to Edit These Graphics (Or Make Your Own)

This page includes instructions on how to edit the EA Hub’s editable Gravit files, a size guide for making Facebook and meetup images, and links for finding free images and EA logos.

Available Graphics

This page links all the currently available editable graphics. Browse the whole page , or jump to:

If you have suggestions on how to improve this page, please comment or suggest edits on this google doc.

This article is under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license.