How to Edit

Most of the graphics available require some editing, if only to change the name of the group, and a few are able to be used without editing. For these feel free to just use the png, jpgs or pdfs directly.

If you want or need to make changes, this can be done in Gravit, a free graphics package that can be used in your web browser. The EA Hub Resources team chose to make our files in Gravit as the free version has many excellent features, and it is easier to use than many other similar apps. This means that group organisers can make, share, and modify resources freely.

Basic instructions:

  1. Download the gvdesign file of the image you want to modify from the Available Graphics page, or from the graphics google drive folder.
  2. Go to and sign up - the free version has plenty of features so it is unlikely you’ll need to buy the professional version.
  3. Go to “Open from Computer” (or from the file menu “Open Local File”), to open the gvdesign you downloaded.
  4. Edit
  5. Export your file into jpg, png or pdf, and use!

Detailed instructions:

This video explains how to make new Gravit files, edit existing EA Hub Gravit files, save, and export.

This video explains how to use gravit to cut out a shape (e.g. if you want to cut around a photo of a speaker to put them on a different background).

Alternatives to Gravit

If you want to quickly make your own designs for free, you could instead try using Canva. Canva has templates you can use to quickly create a new design, but gives you significantly less control than Gravit, and your designs are not as easy to share with other people.

Finding Free Images

Some EA relevant stock images are available here.

Other places for finding great free stock images are:

Or you can try google image search. In the tools menu, click on “usage rights” and select “labeled for non-commercial reuse with modification” so that you only find images you can legally use.

You can also use photos from EA events shared by other groups:


A variety of different coloured high resolution EA light bulbs on transparent backgrounds can be found here. Including blue with shading, white with shading, black, grey and white.

Size Guide

The EA Hub Resources Gravit files all match the following dimensions, and the facebook banners fit both group and page banner sizes.

Note: Facebook seems to regularly change the ideal dimensions (and there is a range of contradictory advice out there). These dimensions worked as of September 2019, but they may not in the future.

Facebook GROUP and Meetup Banner:

820 pixels wide by 462 pixels tall, however the top 48 pixels and bottom 48 pixels will be cropped off when facebook is viewed on a desktop. The entire image will be seen on mobile phones.

This same size works for a meetup group banner, but meetup doesn’t crop the image, so you may wish to have a slightly different meetup image to utilise the space better.

Facebook PAGE Banner:

820 pixels wide by 462 pixels tall (same as for groups), however the top 75 pixels and bottom 75 pixels will be cropped off when viewed on a desktop. The entire image will be seen on mobile phones.

Facebook profile picture (for a page):

360 pixels by 360 pixels

Facebook and Meetup Event Image

1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels tall

Physical banners

Different printing companies have different options for banner dimensions. Before you edit an image, work out what banner stand you are using, and find the ratio of the width to the height of the banner that fits the stand.

Make the file as large as possible (the more pixels the better) to ensure your print is crisp.

If you have suggestions on how to improve this page, please comment or suggest edits on this google doc.

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