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Published 13th September 2019

Effective altruism groups usually fall into two categories: city groups, which bring together anyone interested in effective altruism in a particular geographic area, and uni groups based out of a college or university. Some groups have a combined city/uni group.

This guide is primarily intended for individuals considering starting a new city or uni group. However, it may also be useful for someone taking on a leadership role at an existing EA group or for someone interested in starting a group that focuses on a specific subset of EA, such as effective animal advocacy or promoting effective global poverty charities.

Before you get started, double-check whether there is already a group in your university or city, and try to find out if there are other people interested in starting a group who you can work together with. If there are existing EA groups in nearby cities or universities, it might be helpful to get involved with them before you embark on starting your own group.

To find local EAs:

  • Search for nearby groups or people on the EA Hub
  • Search for “[your location / your university] Effective Altruism” on Facebook
  • Ask contacts you might have in the EA community
  • Join the EA Group Organizers Facebook group and ask there

Using this Guide

This guide to starting an EA group is a compilation of ideas from the Local Effective Altruism Network (LEAN), and various group organisers mostly from US, UK and Australia. Every organiser and every group is different, and ideas that work well for one group may need changes to work for another. So, use this guide as a starting point rather than a prescription, and seek advice from others.

We intend for this guide to evolve and improve over time, so if you have any suggestions for it, please contact us.

Guide Contents:

Uni Groups

City Groups

If you have suggestions on how to improve this page, please comment or suggest edits on this google doc.

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