Why Start a Group?

Published 14th September 2019

Image: EA Sydney

Why work on building the EA movement?

To fix the world’s biggest problems, we need to direct money and effort towards them. The more talented and caring people are informed about those problems and committed to solving them, the more money and effort is likely to be available for this. Imagine you introduce one person to effective altruism who is as talented and enthusiastic about doing good as you are. That may have the same impact as doubling your entire life’s work!

According to the 2018 EA Survey, only 5% of EAs report first hearing about effective altruism through a group. However, 23% said their group was important for helping them get more involved in the movement, and those introduced to effective altruism through their group are disproportionately likely to take the Giving What We Can pledge or change their career plans for effective altruism reasons. Attending regular in-person events with other EAs can give potential EAs the structure, resources, and social ties to become more deeply involved with the movement and have a larger impact.

Further Reading

This article from 80,000 Hours outlines reasons for and against working in community building. It is mostly directed towards people considering building the effective altruism community as a job, so if you are unsure whether to start a group or to use your time for other EA projects, this article might help you decide.

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