Running a Group

Published 22nd September 2019

Image: EA Estonia

These pages provide tips on how to run a thriving EA group.

Most of these tips come from US, UK, and Australian groups, so some aspects may not be relevant to your group, and while some of the tips are based on empirical evidence, much of the content comes from anecdotal information supplied by group organisers. Therefore take these pages as offering suggestions for running groups, rather than rules.

Getting Support

How to find people who can give you guidance on running your group, and money to run group activities.


Ideas about prioritising group activities, and some interesting readings about how to build a thriving EA movement.


Tips on gaining leadership skills and how to organise your group.

Publicity - Coming Soon

Community Health

This page has suggestions and readings about establishing a positive and welcoming group.


Tips for group organisers meeting new and current members of the EA community to have one-on-one conversations.

Handing Over Leadership

Suggestions for recruiting new organisers for your group, and handing over responsibility. Particularly important for uni groups.

Communicating About Effective Altruism

Approaches to discussing EA that various community members have found useful when talking one on one with people who are new to EA, or when delivering introductory presentations about EA. no one hears about them! These resources will cover tips for reaching people and ensuring good first impressions of effective altruism.

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Can’t find what you are looking for? Many more resources are available in this spreadsheet, and feel free to contact the Resources Team and we will try to find resources to suit your needs.

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