Getting Support

Updated 4th January 2021

Guidance from the Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA)

The groups team at CEA are the main source of support for groups. They are happy to schedule calls with group organisers. You can reach them at

Groups Newsletter

CEA sends out a monthly EA Groups newsletter. Sign up or read some of the previous groups newsletters.

Connect with Other Organisers

The EA Group Organizers Facebook group is a great place to ask questions. There is also an EA Groups Slack workspace. Email to get added to the Slack.

Here are some ways to find other groups to ask if they’d be willing to give you a hand:

  • Search on the EA Hub
  • Search for “[nearby city or university] Effective Altruism” on Facebook

If you are running a uni group, it’s also a good idea to talk to some organisers of other clubs at your university. They might be able to give you a sense of how to navigate policies, publicise events, and tailor general club-running advice to your university in particular.

How to Get Funding for your Group

If your group is a registered uni group, you can apply for funding through your Student Association.

For funding city groups, or if your uni group needs additional funding, you can apply to CEA. Group funding can be used for printing, running events, supplying food at events, travel expenses for speakers, and group projects.

CEA also funds Community Building Grants to allow some people to work part or full- time on effective altruism community building.

People Who Can Advise You


Starting a Group, General Group Advice:

Catherine Low - Centre for Effective Altruism

Group Technical Needs - Websites and Email Addresses:

CEA can provide groups with website and email addresses. Contact the Groups Team on for more information.

Community Health, Issues:

Julia Wise - Centre for Effective Altruism:

Julia has office hours to talk about any community problems you’ve noticed or questions you have. You can always book a time on her calendly.

Talking to Journalists/the Media:

Sky Mayhew - Centre for Effective Altruism

Before contacting Sky, read her article on the EA Forum about talking to journalists.

Running EAGx:

Rebecca Baron - EAGxBoston Organiser

Michael Townsend - EAGxAustralia Organiser:

You might want to also check out these resources about running EAGx conferences (start with the README folder, and note this resource is from 2017 so some aspects may be out of date).

Running Introductory EA Presentations to non-EA groups:

Catherine Low - Centre for Effective Altruism

You might also want to check out the EA Hub resources on running introductory presentations.

Running Retreats:

Jessica McCurdy - Yale EA:

Nick Anyos - EA Australia:

Running a Group with a Community Building Grant:

Frankie Anderson-Wood - Yale EA:

Kuhan Jeyapragasan - Stanford EA:

Regional Support:

Australia and New Zealand - Sophia Cyna - EAANZ:


Clubs Fairs:

Eli F Nathan - Oxford EA:

Starting or Running a Group at a Small University:

Haven King-Nobles - EA Oberlin:

Vaidehi Agarwalla - Philly EA (previously Haverford EA):

Starting or Running a Group at a Large University:

Keirra Woodard - EA University of Houston:

Running a Fellowship:

Stephen Caspar - Harvard EA:

Jessica McCurdy - Yale EA:

Succession Planning:

Juan Gil - EA MIT:

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